Early Voting Period: October 24 – November 4, 2016

Election | November 8, 2016


Judicial Election Recommendations


Supreme Court:                                                                                Recommendation (if any):


Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3                                                Debra Lehrmann                              R.           


Justice, Supreme Court, Place 5                                                Paul Green                                         R.           


Justice, Supreme Court, Place 9                                                Eva Guzman                                       R.           


Court of Appeals:


Chief Justice, 1st Court of Appeals                                           Sherry Radack                                   R.           


Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 2                                    Kevin Jewell                                      R.


Justice, 1st Court of Appeals, Place 4                                       Evelyn Keyes                                     R.


Justice, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 9                                  

                                     Tracy Elizabeth Christopher        R.                Peter Kelly                                         D.

    (Place 9 has two excellent choices both of whom I like and respect so either one is great)


Fort Bend County District Courts:


District Judge – 240th Judicial District                      Chad Bridges                                     R.


District Judge – 387th Judicial District                      Brenda Mullinix                               R.


District Judge – 400th Judicial District                      Maggie Jaramillo                            R.


District Judge – 434th Judicial District                      James H. “Jim” Shoemake          R.


District Judge – 505th Judicial District                      David Perwin                                     R.


Fort Bend County Court:


Judge, County Court at Law No. 5                                Ron Cohen                                          R.


Fort Bend County Sheriff:                                               Troy Nehls                                          R.


Fort Bend County Attorney:                                           Roy Cordes                                         R.




Harris County District Courts:


District Judge – 11th Judicial District                         Kevin Fulton                                      R.           


District Judge – 61st Judicial District                         Fredericka Phillips                          D.


District Judge – 80th Judicial District                        Larry Weiman                                   D.


District Judge – 125th Judicial District                       Kyle Carter                                         D.


District Judge – 127th Judicial District                       R.K. Sandill                                        D.


District Judge – 129th Judicial District                       Michael Gomez                                D.


District Judge – 133rd Judicial District                      Jaclanel McFarland                        D.


District Judge – 151st Judicial District                      Mike Engelhart                                  D.


District Judge – 152nd Judicial District                     Robert K. Schaffer                           D.


District Judge – 164th Judicial District                      Alexandra Smoots-Hogan            D.


District Judge – 165th Judicial District                      Debra Ibarra Mayfield                   R.


District Judge – 215th Judicial District                      Elaine Palmer                                    D.


District Judge – 333rd Judicial District                      Joseph “Tad” Halbach                   R.


District Judge – 334th Judicial District                      Grant Dorfman                                 R.



Harris County District Attorney:                                  Kim Ogg                                               D.


Harris County Court:


Judge, County Court at Law No. 1                                George Barnstone                           D.