The Election is over and as with every sweep we have new judges who will take the bench in January.  Here is a list of the new Judges in Fort Bend and Harris County who will hear civil cases.  Congratulations to all the new Judges. Thank you to all the candidates who ran for office.  Your hard work, dedication and service is greatly appreciated.

New Judges in Fort Bend County and Harris County as of January 2019

Fort Bend County District Court Judges

240th                      Frank J. Fraley

268th                      R. O’Neil Williams

458th                      Robert L. Rolnick

Fort Bend County Court at Law Judges

#3                           Juli Mathew

#4                           Toni Wallace

#5                           Teana Watson

#6                           Sherman Hatton, Jr.

Harris County District Court Judges

55th                         Latosha Lewis Payne

113th                      Rabeea Collier

157th                      Tayna Garrison

180th                      DeSean Jones

182nd                      Danny Lacayo

189th                      Scot “Dolli” Dollinger

190th                      Beau Miller

234th                      Lauren Reeder

269th                      Cory Sepolio

270th                      Dedra Davis

281st                       Christine Weems

295th                      Donna Roth

Harris County Court at Law Judges

#1                           George Barnstone

#2                           Jim F. Kovach

#3                           LaShawn A. Williams

#4                           William “Bill” McLeod