Thumbs-up to No Texting

As you probably noticed I have not posted a new blog in a while.  The reason is in part not enough time the other part is I have a real problem on deciding on what to write about.  This morning while I was stopped at a red light the topic became clear.   As I sat there probably 80% of the drivers were either talking or texting while driving. We are all addicted to our smart phones.  We need to get smart and take control.  I say we because I am guilty as well with the “I’ll just check this while I’m stopped at the light” or “traffic is light so I can return this call”, or any of the hundreds of excuses we all have for “just checking”.  So today I ask you to join me in my Thumbs up to no texting.  I know that I will forget and revert back to “just checking” without something to remind me that is the reason for the band aid.  So today begins my no texting while driving.  My goal is to make it to no phone use while driving.  If you are up for the challenge join me and share.  Also don’t be surprised if you get a bandaged thumbs up from me if I see you using your smart phone while driving.

I know where you have been

Technology is great.  It allows you to find old friends, keep in touch and keep updated on what is going on.  It also allows you to be tracked.   An article in the guardian yesterday (link at bottom) revealed that your I phone tracks your movements and stores them for up to a year.   The data apparently provides timestamps and coordinates to allow a detailed history of where you went and when.   I know you are saying, I know but I turn off that app that tells people where I am.   Not so fast.  This appears to be completely different and tracks the information, saves it and then downloads it for Apple to use as they see fit.    You say: They can’t do that, I didn’t give them permission.  Check out your terms and conditions.  You know that mumbo jumbo no one ever reads.  It probably has this type of language:   Apple and our partners and licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device.  I know it is not a problem for you because you never go anywhere you shouldn’t, but let’s suppose you are in a lawsuit and the other side wants to find out where you have been – divorce, criminal, business, personal injury litigation, there is usually sometime that becomes and issue.  Now arguably some trial attorney could request the Court order you turn your phone over so as to download the data.  I usually tell my clients that everything you say and half of what you think is being taken down by the court reporter in a deposition, apparently Apple is helping by providing a means to track your every movement; thereby providing the ability for the other side to get a glimpse into your thoughts by tracking your movements.

Is this good or bad?  Do you have a problem being tracked?  How can this be used, good and bad?

Texting while driving – death and jail time

The New York times is doing a series on the dangers of texting while driving. The story is about a young woman who was sentenced to prison for causing a wreck which killed another young woman. Here is the link: