The drunk driver had prior DUI’s and one DUI after he hit our client.  He was excluded from the insurance on the truck according to the insurance company,  so no coverage. It is clear that jail does not seem to change his attitude; hopefully a multimillion dollar judgment against him will convince him to stop drinking and driving.

We have previously proposed anyone convicted of a DUI be required to have and maintain insurance coverage of at least $100k to get their license back and have an interlock in their car.   If they are stopped and found not to have valid coverage it would be a probation violation.  The combination of an interlock and  insurance coverage can not stop them from driving drunk, but it would hopefully make it more difficult and provide the people they injure with some compensation for their injuries.

Driving while drunk is not always some other guy or other family.  Driving drunk not only can hurt others, but can have serious life changing impacts on the your life, including being arrested, losing your job and having a criminal conviction.  Think before you drink and drive.

What are your thoughts?