Tort Reform ads are once again appearing on the radio and news. The argument is that we need to limit damages to protect nursing homes and doctors and lower costs. Texas passed limitations on damages years ago and I have yet to see costs go down. The tort reform crowd argues that damages should be limited to prevent frivolous lawsuits. That is a just a lie. The only time the limitation applies is after a case has been tried and a jury has determined not only that there was negligence on the the part of the nursing home or doctor, that their actions harmed the plaintiff and the damages are in excess of $250,000.00. The effect of the tort reform is to allow those who have already been found to have harmed someone to only pay for a part of their harm. This is after the plaintiff has provided expert reports and had a judge rule that there was enough credible evidence to even get to trial. The truly frivolous lawsuits are thrown out at the first step when the judge determines there is no credible expert opinion to support the claims. Tort Reform is simply an excuse to escape taking responsibility for the actions which hurt others.