I was going through all the topics I could write about and Kathy came up with a great idea for this week. Skip the law and heavy stuff this week. So…..

I was selected as a Texas Super Lawyer again this year. It is a great honor having been selected by my fellow lawyers as one of the top lawyers in the personal injury field every year since the selection began.
We are moved into our new office building in Sugar Land. It is a 1920’s home with lots of character (no not just me!!) and no sign outside. If you don’t know where it is just look for a flag pole until we get through all the historical red tape for the sign.

UT is my college team and the Texans is my pro team so as you can imagine it has been pretty good so far this year. Both games this past weekend were exciting and fun. I would be happy with a couple of nice blow outs this weekend if that could be arranged.
Steroids cost the Texans another player to suspension so it should be interesting.

So much for news and football. Any suggestions on topics for the next few weeks?