When you are involved in a car crash the insurance company for the other driver will normally ask you to sign a medical authorization to allow them to gather all your medical bills and records to help evaluate the case for settlement. DO NOT SIGN IT. They do need to get the records and bills to allow them to evaluate the claim and you should provide those items to the insurance company, but do it yourself. Get the actual bills and medical records, delete your social security number and any other private and non-related information and mail them to the company. I know you are asking, but if they will do it why should I go to all the trouble. The reason is because the authorization they will ask you to sign will almost always not be limited to the time frame after the crash and will allow them to speak to your doctors directly. Why would you want your personal information which has nothing to do with the crash discussed and turned over to the insurance company? You can prevent it by just getting the relevant information yourself and providing it to the insurance company. They get what they need, you do not have your entire medical history from birth forward and they should be able to evaluate the case for settlement. If they continue to demand you produce records prior to the wreck you may as well prepare for a lawsuit, because they are more interested in defending the case than in evaluating it for settlement.