Tonight HBO films will air Hot Coffee at 8:00pm central time.  I wrote a blog about personal responsibility on March 23 which included my view of the McDonald’s case.  I had a number of people who commented that they did not realize how bad she was burned, etc.   I urge everyone to watch the show, and write your opinion, comment, etc. here.

If you look at the previous blog it is pictures of the new courthouse in Fort Bend County.  Sorry about the haziness, but I forgot to wipe the sea mist off the lens from my recent trip.

Finally, the latest attack on the citizens of Texas by Governor Perry and the “Tort Reform” group.   I wrote about TWIA previously, now the Governor is claiming it will require an emergency session to protect the TWIA from any damages other than actual (no attorney fees, extra damages) despite their complete mismanagement and failure to pay claims.  Perry does not see the fact that people cannot get their homes fixed and have to pay out of pocket for repairs and a place to live despite paying premiums for coverage.  I guess it is not a problem to Perry who is living in a Hill Country Home costing taxpayers over $10k a month for the last several years as the repairs are done on the mansion.   Maybe if he had pay out of pocket and fight with the insurance company he would have a different view (like how real Texans are impacted by insurance companies) rather than the view he has of how much more will they contribute to my campaign fund.