As you no doubt noticed, I have not blogged in a while. The reasons aren’t really important, but they include work and general indecision on what to blog about. I could have written about Escobedo, Loser Pays, Mandatory arbitration, or a host of other legal issues which have generally sickened me as to the state of law and accountability in Texas, but just decided to take a break and come back with a rant on these topics next time. During my break I became one of those Ipad people. I, of course justified it by stating how it would make me more productive, it would be easier to travel, etc. etc. I sent out e-mails asking for favorite apps for work and fun and then loaded them on my trusty Ipad2. Now I have dropbox, iannotate, goodreader, blackjack, facebook, etc. all loaded and ready, but still don’t understand how they all work. I am writing this blog on my laptop as I am nowhere near as fast on the Ipad. So here are my question and request: What is your favorite apps, why, what the heck do they do and how do you work them? I would really appreciate it if each reader could send at least one suggestion, even it is already mentioned.