As a trial attorney I am used to having to find things out about people who don’t want the information discovered. The “substitute teacher” according to her information in discovery and on the crash report is actually a “bisexual escort” according to her MySpace page. Which explains why she was where she was when the wreck happened and who she was talking to on the phone. I know most lawyers tell their clients not to post anything about their claim or litigation on their social networks, but you really need to go a step further and review the information yourself. It might be a good idea to have them log onto all their social media sites, Facebook, MySpace, etc. while they are in your office that first meeting. I have seen defendants claim not only were they not drinking at the time of the wreck but never drink, only to find photos of them with alcohol, passed out and comments about being drunk again, wrecking another car, etc.
I actually started this blog about a month ago, but it seems like every time I go to post it something new comes up that I need to write about, but this was too good to pass up. In Fort Bend County a young woman was convicted of DUI and during the punishment phase of her trial the District Attorney admitted her Facebook page into evidence which listed her hobbies as beer drinking and beer pong. has the complete story. I thought that was bad enough but on April 22nd the Houston Chronicle reported how a group of bank robbers were arrested in part due to their posting comments on Facebook about being rich, making money the clean and dirty way and other comments. How about the poacher who posted the photos of alligator he poached. He was arrested. The guy on probation who was not allowed to drink and posted on his website about the party he was planning and drinking. Yep, goodbye probation. (I thought I would have to make up crazy exaggerations to demonstrate what can happen when you post stupid things on Facebook, but luckily I have real idiots to take care of that for me!)
If you are thinking not my problem – I am not in a lawsuit-you might want to rethink that. Employers are searching social media sites prior to hiring employees or during the interview process they may ask you to log on to check the site. If you are in high school or college you can still be impacted by honor code violations, drinking or other violations of school or sports restrictions.
I am looking for the crazy stories or things that people have posted on social media either with the consequences or lucky enough to have avoided them. Let me know what you have seen heard. I know none of you (wink, nod) have done posted anything stupid so you can tell me about your “friend”. Finally to all my defense attorney friends who are reading this thinking “Oh no I think that is my client” it is and I already downloaded and printed the pages:>)