Fort Bend County– drunk driver rolls over truck severely injuring the passenger; Fort Bend County — drunk driver rear-ends car, injuring other driver and then flees scene; Harris County — drunk driver hits and kills a young girl getting off a school bus; Harris County — drunk driver runs down a family walking in a parking lot; Brazoria County– drunk driver going the wrong way on highways hits and severely injures a young woman. Brazoria County — drunk driver serves into on-coming lane hitting and killing a mother of two small children.

These are all cases we are handling. The families of those injured are devastated by their loss and injuries. What happened to the drunks, some are in prison after multiple DUI arrests, some are out still driving. The insurance companies for the drunks deny the claims or try and minimize the damages. The uninsured or underinsured coverage that those injured by the drunks have paid premiums for years do the same in denying and delaying the claim.  This despite premiums being paid for just this type of event.
If you could talk to these families who have been impacted by drunk drivers they would all tell you that their prayer is that you and your family would not have to go through what they have had to endure. So this Christmas and New Years season it is my hope and prayer that all those driving give a gift to everyone. It is free and actually can save you money and heartache and is simple. If you are drinking don’t drive. If you see someone who shouldn’t be driving give them a ride, or pay for the cab. It can be the best gift you can ever give.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year