Last week a 14 year old girl was killed and her brother and sister severely injured when a 23 year old college student ran into the rear of their stopped car. He was drunk.
Also last week a jury returned a $21.8 million dollar verdict against a A&M senior for killing a 21 year old Baylor student. The driver was texting at time and crossed into the oncoming lane of traffic.
Last month we obtained a $3.2 million dollar judgment against a drunk driver in Brazoria County.
Also last month a friend and fellow soccer referee was paralyzed when a 19 year old girl ran a stop sign and crashed into him. It is unknown at this time why she did not stop.
Every day we hear of senseless death and injuries being caused by people driving drunk or texting. The criminal courts prosecute them. Our firm sues the people that cause these wrecks and injuries so that the families can pay their bills and get some compensate for the damage caused, but what else can be done?
I would like to see anyone who is convicted of drunk driving or texting while driving have to spend at least 3 days helping one of the people hurt by those type of actions. That would include cleaning bed pans, changing sheets, feeding them, cleaning the grave site or whatever the family needs. Make their actions real. Even if they were lucky enough not to hurt or kill anyone they should see what can and does happen. I would also require them to spend a visiting hour with a prisoner who was convicted of injuring or killing someone while drunk or texting so they have a real appreciation for what could happen to them. This should be required before any probation, etc., but that’s just me.
What do you think?