Carpenter & Carpenter, P.C. turned 21 years old on May 1, 2016.  Our firm was formed in 1995 in Sugar Land, TX approximately five years after Brent and I moved to Sugar Land.  We have been a proud part of the Sugar Land community for many years.  We have raised our four daughters here, spent countless hours on the soccer fields here and been part of the phenomenal growth of this vibrant community.  We are proud to live and work in Sugar Land, Texas.

We are very proud to have assisted our clients in their quest for justice in regard to many issues – large and small.  Over the past twenty-one years we have been blessed to advocate on behalf of our clients in many different types of legal matters.  We greatly appreciate the confidence placed in us by our clients and we look forward to continuing to work on behalf of injured persons, consumers and small businesses.

If you are in the neighborhood during our anniversary month of May, please stop by and pick up a mug and help us celebrate our 21st birthday and our legality!

And don’t forget – if you have a legal matter and need help – LET US WORK FOR YOU!