The rules come from things my parents told me while growing up and the picture is of a tree which on Hwy 71 on the way to Austin.  No matter how many times I drive that road seeing it always makes me smile.

1.  Close your mouth and open your ears
a. Listen to your client, let them tell their story you might learn something
b. listen to opposing counsel they might be right
c. listen to the judge – hearings are called that for a reason
d. listen to the jury – vor dire is a chance to hear what they have to say

2.  Treat others like you want to be treated.
a. Your client is important and should be treated with respect
b. People in your office and opposing counsels office
c. Court personnel, they really do talk about you

3.  Tell the truth
a. Clients need to know the good and bad
b. Opposing counsel
c. Witnesses
d. Jurors
e. The Court

4.  Do your homework
a. You need to make sure you understand the issues of the case
b. Know the parties and witnesses and counsel
c. Understand the Court (likes – dislikes)
d. Understand your jury

5.  Play hard but fair
a. Represent your client
b. Make your argument but concede where wrong
c. Things have a way of coming around

6.  Get your rest
a. If you do not take care of yourself, how can you help your client
b. Take some time off

7.  Eat right and exercise
a. See #6
b. Get an outlet for stress

8. Be respectful
a. The court will rule against you – accept it with class
b. Lack of respect = lack of confidence

9.  Winning isn’t everything
a. You will lose – learn from it
b. Be humble in victory, gracious in defeat
c. You will remember the losses more than the wins

10. Have fun
a. Take time to enjoy life – you work hard enjoy the fun times
b. Make time for your family and friends
c. Take time and enjoy a victory – celebrate wins