It is fitting that early voting for the party primaries begins right after Valentines because it seems that some candidate’s whole campaign is essentially – I love you best.  I will be the toughest on crime, I believe in same sex marriage, I will stop frivolous lawsuits, I will make sure to protect “x” or protect you from “x” … (fill in the blank) because I’m I your guy/girl.  Really!  Believe me. 

Here is who I am supporting in the contested repbulican judicial races, D.A., and the race for district clerk:

Chief Justice, Supreme Court:                Robert Talton
Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6            Jeff Brown
Justice, Supreme Court Place 8             Sharon McCally
Justice 1st Court of Appeals, Place 3     Dan Linebaugh
District Judge 268th                                Brady Elliott
District Attorney                                      John Healey
County Court at Law #1                          Chris Morales
County Court at Law #4                          R. H. “Sandy” Bielstein
District Clerk                                           Annie Rebecca Elliott

      I haven’t listed the Court of Criminal Appeals as I do not practice before them, but welcome suggestions from my friends who are prosecutors and defense attorneys.

     So how do you know who to vote for even in your own party?  Here are some suggestions:

First:         Ask attorneys who practice before the Judges and Justices and who have to deal with the clerks on a weekly basis.  These are people who have a working knowledge of what is good and/or bad and deal with the consequences of both.  They should be able to tell you who they would support and why. 

Second:        Read their propaganda (I mean mailers).  Any decent ones are going to list the candidates’ accomplishments and biography.  Here is what sends up red flags for me.  Any candidate who touts that they are going to be tough on criminals, get rid of frivolous lawsuits, be more republican or democratic than their opponent, etc., etc.  I know that political parties are a necessity for the backing and support of candidates (including judges and clerks) but I want an elected official who is fair to all.

    I want a judge who is going to have one job and that is to enforce the laws as they exist and treat everyone equally.  I want a judge who believes in the innocent until proven guilty and not one who brags about putting people in jail or being tough on crime.

     If you enforce the law then usually the right thing happens, if you have an agenda then run for congress and not the bench.

     I want a clerk who makes the filing and handling of document for litigation as easy as possible and is helpful when you have questions. 
     I believe the people who I support are the best choice for the job. 

     To answer a question that some will undoubtedly ask: Are you supporting the judges because they rule for you? No.  In fact one of them, despite my brilliant argument, ruled against me on every motion I had recently before the Court. 

     I support these individuals because I have practiced before them, seen their work, read their opinions (or those of whom they are running against) and want the best judicial branch of the government we can get.  I want a judiciary which treats everyone as equal and not as a statistic to appease their supporters and donators.